* Bespoke Print Machines Born out of Experience *


CD. DVD. Blu-ray.

*High resolution print.

*Plastics, glass, metal, wood.

*UV & Solvent ink sets.

*White & Gloss ink options.

*Flatbed sizes A3 to B0.

*Bundled RIP software.

*Print promo items, fascias,

panels and much more.

*Manual and Automated solutions.

*Print, coat and burn.

*Print high resolution full colour.

*Direct to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray.

*Coating station for a protective finish.

In-house jig manufacturing

Jig Design Service.

We offer a service to design, produce and supply bespoke jigs and templates for not only our own flatbed printers, but other manufacturers and models too.

Copytrax Exhibits @ Trade-Only Show


A Big Thank You.

A long week, but it was great to meet so many visitors to our stand @IPEX 2014.

UV digital printing


Introducing our newest additon to the flatbed printer range, using LED cold cure UV technology to offer stunning results on a wide variety of materials.

French Office

Bienvenue chez Copytrax.

Notre bureau satellite, situé en France, offre une qualité de conseil et d’assistance équivalente à tous nos clients francophones.


We have been around for the last 20 years designing and manufacturing bespoke digital inkjet printers. From floppy disc technology, through optical discs up to flatbed multi-purpose print machines. We strive for the best solutions and to provide the best support to our customers.


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